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(this entry is either going to be a) pink, or b) covered in blatant HTML. this thing hates me lately.)

so i just checked my school profile, and it says "Anticipated Completion Date: 5/2012". I think i may puke. i threatened to take a 9-month sabbatical from work to finish. haha.

nothing else new going on, other than my induction was awesome and i looked hot. okay, well, the ceremony was, um, strange, but my sister and her husband got to come, and tony's mom brought me roses (i was the only one with flowers!!). oh, and she also shouted "Go Laura!! You go girl!" (i was also the only one that had that)...

OH!! and i also drove to orlando ALL BY MYSELF. got to go hang out with my best boy Patrick from Charleston. we had dinner at Rainforest Cafe, i bought him alcoholic beverages at said cafe, and i allowed him to urinate next to my car at Downtown Disney. talk about feeling "adulty" (not to be confused with "adultery"...)

so very me.


<FONT COLOR="FF1493">okay, thanks to <a href=>Dooce</a>, i learned about <a href=>Hotel Freakin' Monaco</a> in Seattle, and i'm in love. they give you a complimentary goldfish in your room!!!!!! and Aveda in the bathrooms!!! gah. me want to go. i told tony if we ever go to Seattle (we won't), i'm totally staying there. he said okay. </FONT>
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<FONT COLOR="FF1493">so it looks like my sister won't be able to come to my induction. she was originally going to drive the 10 1/2 hours, and then come for the ceremony, leave right after, and drive back. as much as i would love for her to be here, let's face it, that doesn't make any sense. she has to work on Friday, and on Monday. she'd need a nonstop out of either GSO or CLT, and i can't find any that either leave at the right times. plus they are upwards of $500 and that's not including the cost of a room. :( i'm pretty upset. jbvk jvgujd jkc khcvukcvjjjhbtftrsdcvhui.</FONT>
so very me.

Writer's Block: Change for the Better over a Decade

How are you a better person today than you were ten years ago?
yeah, i'm not. none of you knew me 10 years ago (i started this journal just shy of 7), but i need to think back on what i was doing and where i was. March of '99 was nearing spring break of my junior year. heh. nothing terribly exciting going on then. i don't think i'd met my ex yet, so i was MUCH better in that respect. but then i hadn't met tony yet, either. i had friends then, and now i have none (cept ya'll). i guess i would say that at least now i have made an attempt at fencing, i am holding down a decent job, and now i can sew a bit.

other than that, same old thing. well, THAT'S pretty sad...</font>
so very me.

to those of you either bored, or travel-saavy...

i'm looking for a flight for my sister to Tampa...leaving GSO around 6ish on April 3rd, non-stop preferable, and then leaving TPA sometime morning or early afternoon on April 5th. price needs to be under $250 including fees & taxes. i have checked everywhere i can think of...anyone who has expertise in doing this would be greatly appreciated. (you'd figure as much as i fly i'd know how to get a handle on this racket by now, but alas, no)

on a side note: i'd love to walk around my work with big bold stickers that say "CREEPY" and "WEIRD" and stick them to people's shirts as they walk by...(yes, i know from weird. but i am the GOOD weird kind. not the strange "doesn't ever blink" kind..)
so very me.

they're on to me!!

one of our customers just called me, after i didn't answer his call the first time, but emailed him back right away, and he was all "Is this Laura who I keep calling who doesn't answer her phone when I call but will respond to email in a hurry so she must be by her computer?"...haha...i was like "sorry about that...i'm filing today!"..:P I hate answering the phone because i'm a bumbling idiot who doesn't know what i'm talking about half the time, so i just either answer voicemails or emails. give me time to compose myself and THEN i'll deal with you! :P it's better for everyone that way. heh.

we renewed our Netflix subscription. gah. insanity. but, it's only $9.62/month and i can watch whatever i want whenever, so whatever. lol. and their Our Recommendations (i STILL can't spell that word on the first try!) are always PERFECT. i haven't used any yet, but just browsing the list shows me they totally know me. haha.

fencing was brutal last night. gah. i broke my foil on the new kid..he's 11, that was his 3rd time fencing, and i go and break my weapon right almost directly where his little pre-pubescent heart would be!! haha. oops. Don was giving me a lesson, and he stopped halfway through and goes "do you consider yourself a tough person?" and i said "like stabby stabby?" and he's all "no, like verbal constructive feedback". so i'm holding back tears as i say "yes". haha. nice. and then i said "i know, i suck". and he's all "no, not that"...and then he just looked at me and went on with my lesson. i was totally worried that he'd be all "yeah, well, i can't have you in my class any more. you're not getting anywhere and you're basically wasting my time and not taking this seriously". but, he didn't. he DID eventually say "you've been at this too long to still be on THESE lessons. and i can tell from the things you can do that you have it in you to be a good fencer. it's just like you're waiting on someone to give you permission to be good. you don't need permission." so at least he says there's potential SOMEWHERE. gah.

work is good today. slow and quiet. i like it like this. i do have a couple of things left to do, but i will tackled those after lunch.

going to the beach at lunch yesterday was AWESOME. i found a horseshoe crab skeleton/carcass. i kept it to show tony, but it's the most fragile thing ever, so i'm sure i'll be trashing it this weekend - don't know what else i can do with it.

i'm going to go to the bank tomorrow to see if i can get some sort of credit card. i'll be up anyways because i'm getting an oil change from my friend's hubby, so i figured i'd try that too.

rock climbing on wednesday i think.
so very me.

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ahem. and so, today begins my first Spring Break as a REAL! LIVE! COLLEGE STUDENT!

woohooooo!! time to get wild and crazy!! Wile out, as it were.

to celebrate, i will be wearing jeans to work every day. because i am a rebel.

nothing else too terribly exciting going on. there was a car stolen from my school last night. and it must have happened near my car, because the notice said it happened between 6:05 and 7something. and at 7:20 as i was going to my car, one of the campus security dudes was sitting in his golf cart near my car facing across our lane to the empty part of the parking lot and talking on his walkie talkie. so i figured SOMETHING was going down.

the girls and i are going to the beach today at lunch!! well, technically it's a park, but it has a beach, too. so that should be really awesome. :)

my 1 month netflix subscription ends tomorrow. i'm thinking of cancelling it today, and then waiting on them to send me some incentive to come back before i re-join. wonder if that'll work? :P LOVE the netflix. argh.

thought for the day:

when does the Sexy Secretary hairdo cross the line to become School Marm?
so very me.

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Points of note:

a) i am gassy.

b) Rihanna is an idiot for even THINKING about going back to Chris Brown. i don't follow this stuff, so i don't know if it's already been said, but i don't care HOW in love with someone you are, there's no reason for going back to beatings. by not pressing charges, she is setting a horrible example for all women in abusive relationships. she is making it seem like it's no big deal, that no matter if somone hits you, as long as they tell you they love you, it makes it okay. it DOESN'T. i can understand those women who feel like they can't afford to leave an abusive relationship, that they don't have the amount of income necessary for them to live without that person, but Rihanna has the support AND the resources to get out. i've thankfully never been in her situation, but thousands if not millions of abused spouses are seeing her in the news right now, and there's a good chance they will either stay with or go back to their abuser if she does the same. it just blows my mind, really. i really liked her before all of this, and now i'm just wondering what the heck she's thinking.

c) um, Disney is AMAZING. i mean, way to state the obvious, but we were at Epcot friday and that's all i kept saying over and over. the ingenuity that the Imagineers bring to that park, the educational resources provided, the opportunities, it's just all so astounding. i'd give my left earlobe (just the very tip top bit, the part that the hair covers) to work there. gah. we did the Kim Possible secret agent mission, and they give you a cell phone that you can press buttons on and interact with, and by doing what they tell you on the phone, you can make things happen in the park, like statues light up and waterfalls work. stuff that is non-working one minute can just come to life with the push of a button, and you'd never know if it you don't do one of the missions. it's just awesome to think that all of these secrets are just EVERYWHERE at Disney. i just can't fathom it, really.

d) tony's birthday went pretty well. i'll be 28 in 7 months and 4 days, but i'm not counting. Orlando made me broke, so it'll be slim spendings for me for a couple of weeks.

e) no, i haven't written anyone any letters like i promised. yes, i am lame, and yes, i am kicking myself for it.

f) school is still going swimmingly well, though the realization that i have 2 more general math classes, followed by 3 more probable math classes is somewhat daunting and disheartening.